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Glamour/Appearance Spells 2
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Glamour/Appearance Spells 2
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Long Slender Legs

Makes your legs longer and thinner.

This spell does not require any ingredients besides water and a bath tub.

Lay in a tub full of warm water. While in the water run your fingers up and down your legs saying the following spell:

These short legs, become long;
Sleek and slender don't go wrong;
From toe to hip my legs will grow,
And be a wonder I must show
To all who wish to see such beauty,
For from now on I'll be a cutie.

This spell should be cast weekly, or whenever you happen to be in the bath.

Hourglass Hips

Gives your hips a more hourglass appearance.

2 candles (long and orange)
1 hour glass
1 mirror

Place the mirror behind the hourglass and stand in front of the mirror. You will want the hourglass to be between you and the mirror so that your reflection is blocked by the hourglass.

Place the candles on either side of the hourglass and light them. Besides the two tall orange candles you may also wish to encircle yourself with other lit candles to increase the power and results of the spell. Use white, red and yellow candles of any size and shape if you wish to do so.

When you are ready turn the hour glass over and let the sands flow down while saying the following chant:

Sands that flow from top to bottom,
Give my hips the shape of you;
For my hips are flat and curveless,
And I wish for curves thats true.

Repeat until the sands in the hourglass have completely fallen. The more times you are able to repeat the chant the better the results will be.


  • A dish full of earth (good soil, not dry, dusty dirt).
  • A yellow candle
  • A fullsized mirror
  • Olive, patchouli, jasmine, or cinnamon essential oil
  • A small flower pot
  • A flower or plant seed

Anoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen. Place it in the center of the dish of earth. Light it and sit down with it between you and a mirror.

Look deeply into the mirror, concentrate on your reflection. Without being vain, consider the things you find most beautiful about yourself- not just physically but mentally. What is your inner beauty, what is your outer beauty?

It's important that you never think of what you feel must be "changed", be as positive about the beauty that you have already. Perform this ritual 3 nights in a row.

Once the entire candle has burnt down, remove the wax from the dish. Place the earth from the dish inside a small flower pot and plant a seed inside it. Water it and care for it so that it grows properly. You will soon find that your beauty will grow, flourish, and shine brighter than ever before- just as the plant grows before you, emerging from its seed.

Make Someone More Attractive

This spell makes someone else more attractive from a distance.

1 candle (small and red)
matches (stick)
a picture

Take a picture of the person and place it face up on a table. Light the candle with the stick match and place the candle on top of the picture. While the candle burns say the following chant, the more times you say the chant the more attractive the person will become.

Picture where the candle burns,
Of such beauty the world urns;
For a glimpse of your new lovely face,
Or a touch of style and breath of grace.

Make Someone Less Attractive

This spell makes someone else less attractive from a distance.

1 candle (small and black)
some dirt
matches (stick)
a picture

Take a picture of the person and place it face down on a table. Light the candle with the stick match and place the candle on top of the picture. While the candle burns sprinkle the dirt on and around the picture and candle while saying the following chant, the more times you say the chant the more unattractive the person will become.

Picture of the beauty learn,
Behind her back this spell does burn;
This filth, this dirt, the picture made,
The beauty's attraction seem to fade.

You may replace the word her with his as needed.

Muscular Chest

Gives your chest a more muscular and defined appearance


Take the clay and form a strong masculine chest. It doesn’t need to look realistic; it is a symbol, and not the image of what you will look like afterwards.

Place the clay on a pile of sticks and twigs. Light the pile on fire and as it burns say the following chant:

From the clay the image burns,
To the ashes, the world urns;
For my image to come new,
And my body to be true;
A stronger chest means better man.
And through the magic, ashes fan.

Repeat it until the flames are all gone and the dying embers can be picked up. Pick up the ashes in your hands and rug them into your chest. As long as these magical ashes are on your chest your chest will continue to become more masculine and defined.


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