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Wicca by Justin

Money Spells

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Below are some simple money Spells.

Get Money

Get a coin made the year you were born, and a silver candle, hold the coin over the flame of the candle and chant:

"Gods spirits and angels i plead that i will get my wish to earn the money i search for, over this candle i swear that i shall only use all money for good , so please hear my need and grant this for me, so mote it be."

Green And Gold Money Spell

  • A square piece of green cloth (about 6 by 6 inches, preferrably silk, cotton, or polyester).
  • Green glitter and gold sequins
  • A 7 inch long string of green yarn
  • Three shiny and somewhat new pennies

Take the square of green cloth and lay it out flat before you. Place the three pennies in the middle and concentrate on the amount of money you desire. Don't be too greedy, though! As you think of the amount of cash you need, sprinkle a couple teaspoon's worth of the green glitter and gold sequins. (These represent money and fortune.) Write your own chant or blessing to say as you do this.

Gather all four corners of the cloth inward so that it forms a small pouch around the coins. Grasp the corners of the cloth together and wrap the green yarn around it, tying it shut tightly. Keep this wherever you normally put your money, or inside a purse.

Gimme The Green

This spell is best done on the night of the waxing moon!

Quarter Candles
One green candle with the wealth rune inscribed on it
Chalice of blessed water
God and Goddess candles
Small amount of money inducing herb in a small bowl (allspice, basil,jasmine)
Patchouli Oil
A dollar bill (or if you are poor like me, a quarter or whatever)
Sandalwood incense

Consecrate all your candles and the money with the oil. Set up your altar and meditate, focusing on your need.

Cast your circle
Call the Quarters if you wish
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power
O goddess Bride and Consort Bright
I ask thee now to bring thy light

Light the God and Goddess candles

Concentrate your energy and your need into the green candle while lighting it and reciting:
With noble mind and open heart
I ask the gods to do their part
I need some money quickly please
Bring it to me with all your ease

Place the money in the herb

Tragedy must come to none
For this working to be done
Bring me all I need to pay
So I may have good luck this day

Place the money in front of the green candle

With my free will and harm to none
I now proclaim this spell is done!
So mote it be...

Let the green candle burn all the way down, all the while concentrating your need and energy into it.

Thank you Queen of the Moon
For gracing my circle to bring me boon
With loving heart and open mind
I release you now to peace you find

Thank you God of the Sun
For gracing my circle I now am done
With loving heart and open mind
I release you now to peace you find

Quarter release (very important)

Close the circle

Money For The Ungreedy

(Asking for too much will not cause the spell to work!) (replace the *****(porch, basement, etc.) places with where u would like to find the money and the ''''' place with the amount wished for ($20,$5, etc,) )

"Upon the ***** the money shall be.
On a sunny day i shall receive my fee.

I ask for ''''', that is all.
Please answer my call!

My asking you have received so mote it be."

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