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Here you can find elements and basic info.

The 5 elements (water, earth, fire, wind, spirit/akasha) are, in many ways, the core of ritualism. Many rituals require that you call the quarters for power and protection. Each tower (East, South, West, and North) is ruled by the lords and ladies, different spirits, different seasons, and different elements. The pentagram itself is representative of not only the human body but the 5 elements. Most rituals require some physical use of an element. Because of the importance of these 5 forces, it's valuable to know their properties.

When you call to the watchtowers, this is how they correspond:

The East is air.
The South is fire.
The West is water.
The North is
The Center is akasha.
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These elements are used as symbols to represent things in spells, thereby causing different effects to be produced. Below is a basic guide to the element's meanings.

EARTH: Love, healing, money, acquisition, employment, health, dieting, organization, goals, ambition, career, politics, persuasion, bones, teeth, skin.
AIR: Communication, writing, travel, justice, unions, balance, artistry, science, freedom, understanding, clarity, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions, blood.
FIRE: Authority, rebirth, leadership, authority, courage, fertility, spine, heart, travel, sports, truth, horses.
WATER: The home and honoring lunar god/desses, power, psychic growth, sex, music, art, telepathy, dreams, prophecy.
AKASHA: Akasha is the central element. It is spirit, and it is said to combine all the others into one final divine element. Since you cannot physically obtain a 'bottle of akasha', it's simply the power within you to strengthen and seal your magick.

Elemental spirits are the embodiments of each individual element. Generally they are summoned during renaming rituals and initiations. There many rituals involving meeting an elemental spirit through meditation. The main spirits are as follows:

Gnomes- Spirits of the earth.
- Spirits of air.
- The spirits of fire.
Undines- Spirits of water.
Akasha is the element of spirit itself.

You may wish to use elemental symbols in your rituals, whether by visualizing them to empower yourself with the energy of a particular element, or by drawing them in the air or on the earth during magic. I'll simply introduce the symbols, they are simple yet very magical.

Earth Earth is an inverted triangle with a line through the middle, it is usually green but can also be black.
Air Air is an upright triangle with a line through the middle, it is yellow in color.
Fire Fire is a red triangle.
Water Water is a blue inverted triangle.

The symbol which represents all of the elements together (which in some ways can also represent spirit, or "akasha") is the Star of David:

Star of David

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