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Working Tools

Well obviously, the alter is a working tool. However, there are many other tools you can use to guide energies, symbolize elements, and use in rituals. Remember, that you don't need all of these tools to practice wicca, nor do you need any of them at all! Wicca is all about believing, but some people like to use tools for such purposes as directing their energies, meditating, and acting out traditional symbolism in rituals. So here is a list of a few tools and their functions.

The Staff

The staff is a long branch which  can be decorated with different symbols, things of nature, or paints. They are sometimes dedicated to a specific element or purpose. Generally, however, it is used to mark out the ritual ground or for striking the ground to attract spirits. Also a staff can be used as a power conduit, to draw power from the sun, moon, or nature surroundings.Traditionally staffs were made of elderwood, cane, or rosewood. This however, doesn't mean that ALL staffs must be made this way. You can make your staff just the way you want it, make it personally yours.

The Wand

The wand is used to direct energies and to invoke/banish elemental spirits. If you choose to have only one working tool, I would suggest the wand. It can be adjusted to open and close magickal circles and invoke the Goddess. Your wand can be made from anything as well, it can be a copper pipe, a wooden dowel, or a small branch from a sacred tree. You can paint it, or adorn it with serveral different things from nature to make your wand uniquely yours. My wand is actually a pine branch with leather wrapped around in and my name painted on it in rune letters. Just remember, if it feels right then its right for your magickal workings.

The Athame

The athame is a ritual knife used to symbolically cut a sacred space. However, the cutting is never done in the physical plane... the athame must NEVER cut anything except air. It is also used to trace pentacles, salute the deities, and direct energies. Your athame doesn't even have to be fancy like the ones I have pictured. Yours could be a pocket knife or an old, dull kitchen knife. Whatever your athame is, it will still work just as well as long as it feels right to you.

The Sword

The sword symbolizes authority. It can sometimes take the place of the athame and be used to mark cut out sacred space. Also it can be used to mark a sacred space in which rituals can be performd in. Again, like the athame, the sword should NEVER cut anything in the physical plane. Also, like the athame, the sword doesn't have to be fancy like the ones I have pictured here.

The Chalice

The chalice or cup  is used to symbolize the Goddess.It can also represent the water element, but the chalice is normally used to hold ritual wine. I use my chalice, however, as a miniture cauldron. So it can play a large part in ritual work. A chalice can be made out of wood, glass, crystal, stone, or metal. Which ever you choose, make sure its right for you.

The Censer

The censer or thurible is usually found on the alter. Incense is burned in the censer to symbolize air. There are many different kinds of incense out there, with all different kinds of scents. Some scents may be used to represent a virtue or to honor a deity. But this doesn't mean you can't use a certian scent just because you like it. Whatever works for you, usually works best.

The Pentacle

The pentacle is usually, but not always,  a flat piece of wood or stone with a pentagram carved onto it. A pentagram is a five pointed star with a circle around it. Each of the fives points goes to represent one of the elements. Going in order, (starting at the top and going clockwise) spirit, air, fire, water, and earth. There is also a hidden message in the symbolism of the pentacle as well. Notice how spirit is located on the top point. This shows that spirit is over the elements.

The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows or the Witch's Workbook is a book of rituals, sabbats, recipes, spells, and folklore. No, you can't just go out and buy a Book of Shadows. As a witch, you should write and put together your own book. One that is completely unique to you. That doesn't mean you can't take information or examples from another's book. It just simply means that you should have your own library of rituals and spells that are just right for you.

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